NDC Conference Melbourne – We’re back in-person

NDC Melbourne was awesome!

NDC is one of my favorite conferences in the world, and while I blogged that I enjoyed catching up online over the last two years, in retrospect, I wouldn’t want to do it again. Nothing beats seeing everyone in-person and watching live talks.

Here are my top 4 things:

Adam Melbourne backdrop
Figure: Behind the scenes recording content for SSW TV with a beautiful city backdrop.
See the video we filmed

#1 – Back to Presenting to a Live Audience!

There was so many great sessions + we had 4 SSW’ers presenting at NDC. I was thrilled to be chosen to speak at NDC Melbourne. As always, a great experience.

I have really missed it. It was awesome to speak to so many great devs, hear their questions and feedback about my talk.

My talk “10 Tips to Rocking as an Azure Architect”, covered all of the essential things you need to be an Azure Architect ninja. I was able to make the presentation more interactive with www.slido.com – I asked questions to learn about the attendees’ Azure Architecture journey and got some great answers and feedback real time streamed directly back into my PowerPoint deck. The video will be up on the NDC YouTube channel soon with a heap of others.

Adam presenting
Figure: Presenting again to a real audience! Better than a silent computer screen.

Mr Clean Architecture, Jason Taylor, ran a great workshop on Practical Clean Architecture with .NET 6, and also presented his talk “Developing Flexible Authorization Capabilities in ASP.NET Core”.

Jason is a great mentor, so if you missed his workshop, he’s running it again in July at SSW. Check out the dates and locations here: ssw.com.au/events

Patrick Zhao presented a hot topic “Easier deployments using a Blue/Green strategy” to help all those devs looking to wrangle Microservice deployments.

Patrick has delivered some great projects in recent years, and it’s great to see him sharing some of that knowledge with others.

Figure: Patrick presenting his talk on stage 4

My favorite talk is a hard pick, but I’ll say it was Richard Campbell’s because he makes me laugh. He is someone I’ve seen more than once every year for the last 20 years, except for bloody COVID-19, so it was great to see him back in person on stage, and catch up in the evening.

#2 – The SSW Booth

SSW’s marketing team Camilla, Ash C, and Lachie, put in a huge effort to make a cool booth for people to come and meet us, and have a little fun… they gave us a great experience all week. I felt proud walking past our booth and seeing it had the biggest crowd with lots of people laughing.

We had an incredible artist, Janie Fearon creating some really cool (non-permanent) tattoos for visitors:

Adam getting a SSW tattoo
Figure: Naturally, I got the SSW logo tattooed on my neck! Definitely a creative way of ‘branding’ your employees! Maybe I should make it permanent 🤣
Gert Marx large tattoo
Figure: Gert Marx went much bigger – representing SSW Melbourne at the booth with this huge carp it was his first time at NDC
Michelle Sandford & Amy Kapernick with quokka tattoo
Figure: Speakers Amy Kapernick and Michelle Sandford got matching quokka tattoos
Matt Wicks Blazor tattoo
Figure: Matt Wicks went the most extreme – it was hard talking to him when you’re looking at a Blazor logo…

#3 – Geeks Getting Competitive…

We had a mini basketball throwing game where you could win prizes, the most popular was the Mi Band 6 & Mi Band 7. It’s fun watching how competitive some people can be for a little swag.

Figure: Winners are grinners with Anthony Zigenbine from Pinch!
Video: SSW Booth at NDC Melbourne 2022 – Basketball fun turning competitive with Ben Cull beating everyone!

#4 – SSW TV capturing the highlights of speakers’ sessions

The SSW TV team were really busy too with Jonty, Landon, Eve, and Matt W coordinating 30 interviews with the NDC speakers! 🤯

Keep an eye out on SSW TV for the awesome 15 minutes demos we recorded that will be popping up over the next few months. We interviewed seasoned speakers like Damien Brady, Richard Campbell, Michelle Sandford, Lars Klint, and Troy & Ari Hunt who helped run a workshop for kids, and many more.

Lark Klint interview
Figure: Lars Klint is no stranger to sharing demos online!
Adam Cogan & Jakob Bradford
Figure: Interviewing my old friend and conference organizer Jakob Bradford in the hotel lobby

We got to meet some great people throughout the 3 days. 17 SSW’ers flew in from Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney to join the Melbourne team, many attending NDC for the first time. We had a blast.

Group shot at NDC
Figure: We had 17 SSW’ers there, and lot of old friends and colleagues stopped by to say hi! It was great to see Richard Campbell, Stephen Carter, Brendan Richards, Duncan Hunter and many more! 👋🏻

See you at NDC Sydney in October! You should definitely sign up. You wont regret it – it’s an action packed week full of great work shops, talks and fun.

Did you attend NDC Melbourne? Hit me up in the comments with your favorite bits! I’d love to hear from you.