SSW purchases TinaCMS – the #1 CMS on GitHub – we love Markdown ❤️

I’m excited to share that we have acquired  TinaCMS – – as I believe, every website should use GitHub with Markdown. Tina also comes with a rocking Markdown editor and of course, the best version control system on the market, bar none.

We are competing with big players such at Contentful, Sanity, Sitecore, and many others that we have build great solutions on over the years. They all have the same Achilles Heel being a propriety database. GitHub is the answer, the question is irrelevant 🙂

In addition, over the years as SSW’s Chief Architect, I’ve seen firsthand how Markdown simplifies so much for content editors. We’ve been fans and using TinaCMS for a while, it even powers the SSW website! That is because we wanted a simple UX + awesome version control. 

Tina’s vision of a seamless Git CMS is shared by SSW engineers.

I have a lot to learn and am excited to be adding features to make Tina the best CMS out there. Users will start seeing more features very soon as the Tina team will be supercharged with engineering power from SSW.

If you have product suggestions or bugs please post on GitHub, and for support check out our community Discord.