Showcasing TinaCMS 🦙 at Europe’s #1 Developer Conference

NDC Oslo was a little different for me this year. I’ve been attending for years – it’s the best developer conference in Europe! This year I went as a speaker, and we had a great booth for TinaCMS!

This is conference #4 for TinaCMS since we acquired it a few months ago. The booth was busy and I was excited to introduce it to the Norwegians. Running a booth at a conference with 3,000 people is no small feat – we probably talked or demoed to 400 awesome devs, and I learned a ton from each conversation.

We had heaps of cool swag to give away and I saw many people staring at the screen playing Matt’s TinaCMS demo. I definitely feel people got the concept and unique selling point of TinaCMS and why owning your own content (as markdown files) is much better than a proprietary database.

The Tina team and winners of the prizes at NDC Oslo
Figure: Myself and some of the TinaCMS team with our awesome prize winners
the Booth view from above at NDC
Figure: NDC is massive, can you spot the TinaCMS booth?

Speaking about AI

On top of running the booth, I got to once again enjoy the thrill of presenting to a packed room of developers.

My talk on AI “ChatGPT and OpenAI API solutions: 👑 My Favourite Implementations” may have looked familiar to some, but it was all completely new content! In addition, my orange look was completely new too! The AI tech is changing all the time and it’s hard to keep up if you’re not regularly tuning into the latest AI trends.

Adam Cogan presenting on stage
Figure: My presentation included a look at Norway’s auto-bin system.
A large crowd of developers watching Adam Cogan present on stage
Figure: The Norweign crowd is always fun and engaging. Thanks to Ard Jongsma from Still Words Photography for the awesome shot!

Lots to see at NDC!

Here are a few more great pictures that Ard from Still Words Photography caught throughout the conference! Thanks again for capturing the fun for everyone!

Troy hun presents on the main stage to a large crowd of developers
Figure: Troy Hunt presenting the Keynote: Hack Your Way to the Top
Dev band HTML performing on the NDC stage
Figure: Dev band “HTML” performing to a large crowd
The Tina team standing in their booth
Figure: The Tina Team having a chat at the booth
The stadium crowd captured from above
Figure: This is what thousands of attendees look like at NDC! It’s a great set up.

Automation everywhere!

While in Olso, the Tina team and I got to walk around the beautiful city! There is a lot of clever tech innovation, and the roads are very quiet because over 70% of cars are electric, and also Norwegians don’t use their horns. They’re a peaceful bunch! I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed on previous trips their clever bin system! It’s a classic lesson in ‘looks can be deceiving’. Check out the video I took below of the bins being emptied – they are remote-controlled, and 3 times the size you expect them to be, with the main bin hidden below ground level. 🗑️

I cannot wait to see what tech they’re using next time I visit!