SSW is proud of another project – Brisbane Catholic Education Case Study

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) has a great track record building solutions on the Microsoft stack and are in fact one of the largest users of SharePoint in the Southern Hemisphere. BCE engaged SSW to build a strategic planning tool that would be super powerful, flexible, and easy to use for all of their schools administrators across Queensland.

Having engaged other software development companies previously, BCE told me how stunned they were by the rate at which SSW developers were able to convert ideas into quality working software. This was the first experience BCE had working with a Scrum team and I’m glad it was a good one. I care the guys gather feedback, make changes and release to production. They went beyond this and were able to get the software into production each sprint. I congratulate the SSW team comprised of Brendan Richards, Ben Cull, Adam Stephensen, Damian Brady and Igor Goldobin on a great job.

Since collaborating on Project Sparrow, BCE have successfully applied the knowledge and practices they learnt from SSW across many other projects for various divisions of the organisation.