How to learn Angular 2 fast

This month we have been running our Angular Super Powers tour in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. We always knew Angular 2 would be a hot topic, but we were overwhelmed with the demand for the 1-day training event. We sold out tickets in every city. We even had to turn some people away due to the fire risk!

The Melbourne and Brisbane venues had a capacity of 100, and the SSW Chapel in Sydney held 120 people.

That’s 300+ lucky people who took a day off work to watch Adam Stephensen and Duncan Hunter code a CRM app in a day using Angular 2.

The days were abuzz with excitement, questions and great discussions around how many companies are migrating their existing apps and starting new projects in Angular 2.

The success of the day is due to a few things:

  1. Even though Angular 2 has just been released, there is a lot of buzz in the developer community from the many successful projects already deployed to production on Angular 2
  2. Our SSW developers have a lot of experience to share. They have built projects and trained many developers over the last 12 months on Angular 2
  3. Our awesome Marketing team. Special thanks to Marlon and Brittany

Selling out the 3 cities would be amazing if this were our first Angular tour. This is actually the 3rd tour done by our great FireBootCamp mentors. They have gained great experience in the last 12 months, speaking at many great developer conferences around the world. This will continue in the future, including at the upcoming NDC London and Microsoft Ignite in Australia.

SSW offers different ways for developers to start to learn Angular 2 including:

  1. Angular 2 Webinar

    The Complete Introduction to Angular 2.0

    In this webinar you will learn why Angular 2.0 is the framework most companies are choosing today, the essential concepts you need to get your head around to learn Angular 2.0, how to build your first Angular 2.0 application and how to learn Angular 2.0 fast.

    Figure: Our 1-hour webinar is a great first step into the exciting world of Angular
  2. Angular 2 Test Drive

    1-Day Seminar | Watch us Build Angular App in a day

    If you are new to Angular 2 then the best way to get a feel for Angular 2 and discover the time it will save you is to watch someone build an app while explaining each step.

    At the end of the day, you will have an understanding of how the components of Angular 2 fit together so you can get started.

    Figure: Our sold out 1-day seminar will be running again in 2017 
  3. Angular 2 Workshop

    3-Day Workshop | Get your Hands Dirty with Angular 2

    Build your first CRM app in 3 days using Angular 2. You will be coached by experienced FireBootCamp mentors who are also SSW solution architects working on production Angular 2 apps. Walk away with the source code, the course material and the confidence that you have built a working app.

  4. Angular 2 Mentoring

    6-Week Mentoring | Master Angular 2 in 6 weeks

    This program is made up of a rock solid Angular 2 coursework with 2 one-to-one remote coaching sessions every week with an Angular 2 senior developer. The mentor will confirm your understanding and get you unstuck as you go through the coursework and propel you forward faster than any other learning method.

    At FireBootCamp we specialise in helping developers get ready to build enterprise Angular 2 apps in the shortest time possible.

In addition, these guys are going international with this. They are giving a 2-day course in Europe next year:

So as you can see, Angular is smokin’ hot right now and with our 4 training options in Australia, becoming an expert is as easy as driving a Tesla on autopilot with Peter Brock sitting next to you giving you tips 🙂