My George Michael Tribute – 7 signs for his 7 number one singles

I’ve had a long love of George Michael’s music… Bought every album… Loved his concerts. The early concerts had a lot of young girls… The last concerts had a large percentage of Greek women in their 40s 🙂 and gay guys in their 20s.

What I liked most of all was George’s sincerity in his interviews, especially after each scandal arose. It was the polar opposite of the stonewalling approach of Michael Jackson and others. I saw George’s flaws, but found him authentic.

53 years was way too young. Why?

If you followed George’s career, everything after the Faith era was bad. The depression he spoke of, his many bereavements and his long-term cannabis use, then crack cocaine and more. I’d attribute the beginning of his demise to his long Sony court battle. That started after he saw a young inexperienced Mariah Carey getting favorable treatment from Sony executives.

In 1988 I had the time of my life. It was the Faith tour and I was in the front row and touched his foot. I’d lined up overnight at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and got myself front row tickets. As he leaned into the crowd, I got myself a photo, so close I was sure when it was developed, it would be just his tonsils!

In 2010 I thought I’d act like a groupie for his concert at the Sydney Cricket Ground. I had a crazy idea on the plane back from the USA to take large signs with me and upon landing I had them printed and was off to the concert. At the concert as I raised a new sign for each song, each one got a larger and larger cheer. George acknowledged the last sign. That was an awesome night.

My Wham! favorites:

  • Last Christmas
  • I’m Your Man
  • Edge of Heaven
  • Everything She Wants

My solo favorites:

  • One More Try
  • Careless Whisper
  • A Different Corner
  • I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
  • Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

In 2012 I had tickets for the Australian leg of his Symphonica Tour. Symphonica was his full orchestra creation and we were going to see him in the Hunter Valley, close to the farm where I was raised. Sadly he canceled due to ‘anxiety’.

He did many interviews with Oprah, Ellen, etc… but I thought he would turn himself around after I saw this ad hoc interview after nearly dying…

George, thanks for the memories, you’ll always be my #1 musician. Boy, the 80s gave us the best music.

Here is my George Michael Tribute that I put up in Coogee – 7 signs for his 7 number one singles.

George Michael - I'll be your daddy
Figure: I’ll be your daddy
George Michael - you're my teacher
Figure: You’re my teacher
George Michael You spin my wheel
Figure: You spin my wheel
George Michael - where is Andrew?
Figure: Where is Andrew?
George Michael - choose freedom
Figure: Choose Freedom
George Michael - my wife is Greek
Figure: My wife is Greek
George Michael - Goodnight George, you are loved
Figure: Goodnight George