Mooncake festival and how you can Chinafy your app and enter the Chinese market


SSW’s Beijing office is gearing up for the mid-autumn festival. The mid-autumn festival is most famous for its dense savoury mooncakes, and is sometimes called the mooncake festival.

The full moon is traditionally a symbol for reunion, tuanyuan, as yuan means round. Chinese people celebrate by coming together as families to eat, drink and be merry. The festival occurs on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month – landing in September most years. This year it lands on Sunday 27th September.

One of the things we are celebrating this year is SSW Link Auditor, a web app that allows you to verify that your website is free of broken links. Like most other great applications, it used to be available only to the English-speaking market.

Thankfully, this has all changed. We followed our own process of “Chinafying” to make it available for everyone in China to utilise.


What does it mean to “Chinafy” a website or application?

In short, it is localizing your applications specifically for the Chinese market. You too can have your application converted using SSW’s service based out of our Beijing office.

Translating a site into Chinese is only one aspect, there are many other critical steps required to make your applications really usable by Chinese users and moreover, to promote them in the Chinese market.

Why Chinafy?

China is a major presence on the global market, with its growth in economy and cultural influence. The China software market is continuously growing. If you have a successful application, and would like to expand it into China to take advantage of this noteworthy market, you will need to “Chinafy” it before you bring it here.

Greetings from SSW Beijing Office

SSW was founded in Australia more than 20 years ago, and has had an office in Beijing, China for almost 10 years. Working both on local projects and offshore projects, we have awealth of experience doing some of the largest projects around. SSW Beijing has established strength in technique, local marketing, and communication with multinational clients. It plays an important role in Chinafy projects, providing consultancy in local knowledge and practice. With the SSW Beijing office working together with the SSW Australian team, we love assisting clients in tackling the trickiest parts of bringing English-based apps to the China market.

David leads up our Beijing office, and is more than happy to talk to you about Chinafying your app. See our China Localization page for more details.

The Beijing team wish you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival.