Video: The SSW Motorcycle – Risky attempt to move a big motorbike up some stairs…It seemed like a …

About 2 years ago, I had a very serious accident on my motor bike that put me in hospital and wrote off my bike. As I reported I recovered fine. It was a shiny black cruiser, a Honda VTX 1800C fat-boy motorcycle, – a loud gorgeous bike. Even though I hadn’t had a stack since I was 10 riding on the farm, this accident was bad enough that I haven’t been keen to purchase another bike. My bike has sat lonely in my garage and gathering too much dust, so this month I came up with a cool way to rekindle our relationship.

I often use the app to get odd jobs done and I thought 3 or 4 strong guys could get my awesome bike on the balcony of SSW Sydney – I thought it would be a cool feature.

Only 2 airtasker guys turned up to SSW and it appeared we were short of manpower, however Giovanna from Ride on Pizzeria downstairs – the Pizza shop we use for our monthly .NET user group – jumped in and attempted to help.

We used plywood boards under the tyres and lots of man (and woman!) power and spent hours attempting to get the bike up the stairs using a ratchet winch for safety. It’s trickier than it sounds, for a start, the bike weighed about 350 kilos.

Many SSW guys thought it was a bit crazy but I hoped it would be a cool feature for those driving past Military Road, Neutral Bay (opposite The Oaks Hotel)…

and even better when a new SSW client signs up, as part of the ceremony, we put them on the bike and start her up. She’s loud.

One of my better ideas…. Ha 🙂

We got the whole move on video, it’s a fun watch!

Video: Risky attempt to move a big motorbike up some stairs… It seemed like a good idea