We’ve updated our Rules to Better Angular

Angular is everywhere. Angular devs are cool!

Angular and React have been the 2 dominant front-end technologies for the last few years. We have been running our Angular Superpowers course that entire time, and I’m still amazed that every time we run the course, we sell out.

It’s amazing because JavaScript frameworks have a reputation for being transitory, but these 2 have become entrenched in enterprises everywhere.

I’m currently in China, and they’re even popular here, with the addition of one more growing option: Vue. I think Vue is popular because Alibaba embraces it – or maybe it’s just anything Jack Ma does is cool.

Angular is now up to version 7, so we’ve updated our Rules to Better Angular:

  1. Do you know why to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular?
  2. Tools – Do you know what to install for an Angular project?
  3. Tools – Do you know the best IDE for Angular?
  4. Do you know the right way to create your Angular project?
  5. Options – Do you know that the ASP.NET Core SPA Template for Angular uses the Angular CLI?
  6. Options – Do you use Typescript for your Angular and React Applications?
  7. Do you know the best sample applications?
  8. Do you know the best learning resources for Angular?
  9. Tools – Do you know the best Build Tool?
  10. Tools – Do you know the best UI framework for Angular?
  11. Tools – Do you know the best Packages and Modules to use with Angular?
  12. Tips – Do you know how to check the version of Angular?
  13. Tips – Do you have a pleasant development workflow?
  14. Practices – Do you use a Service to share reusable logic?
  15. Practices – Do you write small components?
  16. Practices – Do you use client-side routing?
  17. Practices – Do you generate strongly-typed interfaces for your DTOs?
  18. Practices – Do you avoid directly modifying the DOM from your components?
  19. Practices – Do you know to use ngrx on complex applications?
  20. Tools – Do you know the best tools to debug JavaScript?
  21. Practices – Do you know to separate your Angular components into container and presentational components?

What do you think? Have we got it right?