26 videos in 4 days – an outstanding achievement by the SSW team

One of the biggest events on my calendar every year is the Microsoft Ignite Australia conference. Previously known as TechEd, this annual developer event is a smorgasbord of presentations, networking opportunities, and all things new and hot in the Microsoft world. This year’s Australian Ignite event was held on the Gold Coast from February 14-17, and featured more than 200 industry leaders there to present (including 4 guys from SSW – I was one of them! 😉).

With so many of the best Aussie tech minds in one place, Ignite is always an awesome opportunity to snag some interviews with them – so we brought along the SSW TV video team to do just that.

In just 4 days, Raj Dhatt, Yu Hsien Chen, and David Berkes recorded, edited, and published *26 videos*. This is our best output ever.

I was there with Seth Juarez from Channel 9. It was definitely interesting seeing the contrast between what they do compared to what our guys do. We use Premier Pro. We have 3 cameras in a multi-cam setup. We use AfterEffects for the short sting you see at beginning and we even have a definition of “done” that the video guys follow so I am aware the process that the SSW TV team goes through is unfortunately a little more heavyweight than the Channel 9 guys. You can see my interview with Seth Juarez from Channel as one of the 26 videos.

All 26 video interviews we filmed are now available on YouTube. You can find them all in one convenient playlist at https://tv.ssw.com/tag/microsoft-ignite-australia-2017

Figure: Just some of the 26 interviews we recorded at Ignite
Figure: Just some of the 26 interviews we recorded at Ignite


Figure: I interviewed security guru and all around good guy Troy Hunt for SSW TV
Figure: I interviewed security guru and all around good guy Troy Hunt for SSW TV
Figure: All the SSW Ignite attendees

You can also check out the presentations given by the 4 SSW guys:

All up, this year’s Ignite Australia was amazing. We had a sizeable SSW posse in attendance, I met some amazing people, learned about some great new tech, and came away with some terrific interviews. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Special thanks to the SSW crew who made these 26 videos happen:

  1. Raj – You made it happen. Without you, we couldn’t have done it. You worked longer and harder than everyone else, and that effort is enormously appreciated. THANK YOU!
  2. Yu Hsien – Thanks for becoming an editing machine for 4 days. You edited and went live with over 20 videos in 4 days, often working well into the night to get it done.
  3. David – You were a great support to Raj and the team. You’re so organised and calm –and so knowledgeable about AfterEffects! I love that you keep us from using unnecessary plugins. Your previous experience with TV has been incredibly useful.
  4. Adam S – Your pre-interviews were amazing to watch – you totally engage each person and your interviews are getting better and better.
  5. Jason and Thiago – Thanks for giving up sessions you wanted to see at the conference to call each speaker, do a pre-interview and then conduct over 8 interviews between you. You guys are true professionals in everything you do. This is the beginning of something good for you guys
  6. Brittany – Thanks for doing the not so exciting bits of going live on YouTube and social media, but doing it so well.
  7. Duncan – Thanks for the encouragement when things weren’t going well. You have a special way of being uplifting. People work better when you’re around.


I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we did making them. Did you have a favourite interview? Let me know in the comments.