NDC Oslo – Introducing the best of ChatGPT & Open AI API to the Vikings

Returning to NDC Oslo

Video: Rules to better ChatGPT and using the best API ever ⭐ – Adam Cogan – NDC Oslo 2023 (1 hr 3 min) | https://youtu.be/3JARMLD2gus

It’s been too long and I haven’t been back to Norway since before COVID. I was so excited to be back for NDC Oslo. I love NDC, it really is the best developer conference in the world. For me, the value is not in the talks, the value is in the conversations you have with the people attending. Of course I got to talk to all the local Scandinavians from Norway, Sweden, and Finland, but I also got to meet people who’d flown in from Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, and so many other places. Everyone is so different, and they’re fascinating to talk to.

This year, NDC Oslo clashed with Microsoft Build in Seattle. I was so torn, I didn’t want to miss Build because I’ve never missed one and never wanted to. So it was a big call for me.

The good news is, my talk went well. I got to speak about ChatGPT and OpenAI API, both of which I think will revolutionize how we build software!

Check out the video of my talk which is now live! Here are some bits you might like:

  1. Prompt Engineering: I’ve basically stopped using Google, and prompt engineering is the key to optimizing interactions with ChatGPT. By refining prompts, you can extract more accurate and tailored responses, enabling you to make the most out of GPT’s capabilities
  2. OpenAI API: this powerful tool allows developers to tap into GPT’s full potential. I showcased practical demonstrations to help you leverage the API effectively, expanding the range of applications for GPT and enhancing your AI projects
  3. Contextual Understanding with Embeddings: Embeddings are really complex, in this talk, I’ve tried to break it down to the 1000-foot view. To go in-depth with this topic, I’d need a whole other talk! Understanding the importance of embeddings equips you with the knowledge to enhance GPT’s performance in various tasks
  4. The rise of Autonomous Agents: Autonomous agents are transforming the software development experience. During my talk, I discussed their impact and the path they are paving toward AGI. By acknowledging this paradigm shift, you can adapt and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of AI
  5. The Low Code version: see how Power Virtual Agents work without any work, including the $ cost/benefit analysis

Highlights from NDC

I went back to NDC with my daughter Ruby. If you haven’t been to NDC Oslo, I highly recommend you attend next year. The talks alone are incredible, and there is a lot of organized fun for you to enjoy too. Here are some of my highlights!

Norwegian flag on a boat
Figure: Cruising around Norway
NDC Conference hall
Figure: The conference is the biggest one I’ve ever been to! There are a crazy amount of developers, exhibitions, and things to do!
Adam Cogan at NDC
Figure: There’s me hiding in that huge crowd… as you can see, I blend in nicely… 😆
Adam Cogan talk selfie
Figure: My selfie with the Norwegians (I took it in the video at 11:22 https://youtu.be/3JARMLD2gus?t=682)
Adam Cogan Talk
Figure: Me presenting my ChatGPT talk – thanks JK for taking it!
Adam Cogan Talk
Figure: My talk was packed. People were even sitting on the floor – thanks JK for taking it!!
Figure: SSW’s JK Kavka presenting – it was awesome to have another SSW person present at NDC!
Adam Cogan and daughter Ruby
Figure: My daughter Ruby loved the conference!
Adam Cogan and Jakob Bradford
Figure: Thank you again to Jakob and his amazing team for hosting me again this year

Thank you to my team at SSW, especially Calum Simpson, Matt Parker, Jack Reimers, JK Kavka, and Harry Ross. I’ve learned a ton from these guys and if you want help with any AI or ChatGPT projects, they’re the guys to talk to.

What an exciting time to be a developer!

Any comments on my talk? Leave them below – I always love getting feedback! ⬇️