Ain’t no party like an SSW party // the new Melbourne and Brisbane offices are open!

The Melbourne and Brisbane offices are open! We had a great time in Melbourne and Brisbane, and I thank everyone who came. There was more alcohol drunk at the Brisbane event – maybe because it was a Friday night!

It was thrilling to see so many people – some familiar, some completely new. There were devs, clients, employees (both past and present), and even our real estate lawyers swung by. It meant a lot that so many people came.

Everyone enjoyed the champagne, mingling, and rounds of pool. I felt both the lightning presentations were well received. First up was Lindsay Corfield (3 tips to a great career) and then myself (7 simple steps to building your profile).

Both evenings were wonderful, and I ended the nights with a big grin on my face. It felt great to be starting our future in the new offices on such a positive note.

Amongst all the fun of the 2 parties, we found the time to snag a couple of photos that I thought I would share with you below:

Figure: The calm before the storm… Penny and Anastasia did a great job of setting up and beautifying the SSW office
Figure: There was socialising and drinking before and after the talk
Figure: This was part of my lightning talk – you can see I’m calling out Danijel Malik (and his unorthodox ride to becoming an ALM MVP) on the screen
Figure: The office has a great view – you might be able to just make out the beautiful Story Bridge