Introducing the SSW Chapel Melbourne – and a new user group

It’s been almost 2 years since SSW first opened the Melbourne office. In that time, the team has almost doubled in size, we’ve run some great events with our friends at Microsoft, and we’re working on some exciting projects for our Melbourne clients.

The new office is 4 times the size of our previous office, so we have space for more team members – we have 4 open positions at this stage:

  • Business guy (once a wannabe Developer)
  • An Angular developer
  • A React developer, and
  • A CRM developer

To see all of these job listings and more, check out the SSW employment page.

Announcing the SSW Chapel Melbourne

The office is perfect for running events – and the proof is in the pudding: only weeks after opening, SSW.Melbourne hosted 3 events in the space of 8 days.

The SSW Chapel Melbourne is located on level 1, 370 Little Bourke Street in the heart of the city
Figure: The SSW Chapel Melbourne is located on level 1, 370 Little Bourke Street in the heart of the city
Figure: An ensemble of SSWers congratulating Angular hack day winner, Pradeep Sekhon
Figure: Our presenters, Jean Thirion and Brendan Richards, leading the course at the packed-out Angular Super Powers session

Moving is hard work

The events ran smoothly and looked great, but it took a lot of work behind the scenes to get it there.

The Melbourne team went all in, overseeing the interior fitout to ensure the office had the classic SSW-stylings, then moving in and getting set up with the standup desks and hand-building the flat-pack furniture with only days to go before running the events in the new space.

Figure: Before: The open space before its makeover
Figure: After: The same space after getting fresh carpet and some sexy red highlights


The hard work was worth it: SSW Chapel Melbourne is a gorgeous event space that, just like the Sydney SSW Chapel, will be used to run events like training courses, hack days, and user groups.

New user group: The Melbourne .NET User Group

 As part of this, we’ve created a new user group for Melbourne: the Melbourne .NET user group. The group will be kicking off on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, and will run on the second Wednesday of each month thereafter.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a stylish, tech-friendly event space in the Melbourne CBD, the SSW Chapel is available for hire! Get in touch to make an inquiry